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Have you ever had intentions to do something really profound but you always seemed to find a way to avoid the possibilities. Well, that’s kind of what happened here. I had all these amazing ideas and knowledge to share and then I froze.
I couldn’t bring myself to post all the things. So many doubts and moments of pure OMG, is this really happening. Let’s be honest here for a moment.
Sharing your expertise, or any knowledge you hold publicly creates opposition. Some of it positive and others well not so much. You will be tested on your accuracy, creditability, and the like.
Oftentimes, the public forgets that there are real people behind authentic posts. Yes, I know there are AI programs that could write some amazing copy. However, let’s stay the course here.
If we never do the things that make us uncomfortable, doubtful, hopeful, fearful, or even worried. Then we never allow ourselves to be vulnerable and take risks.

What’s holding you back from being great? Are you the barrier or the bottleneck?

This post was more about the freedom in doing what you knew you could but felt you needed to wait.
Life will not provide the perfect time to create, execute or achieve anything it’s about being intentional and doing it anyway! Now that I moved out of my own way and to you becoming greater. I hope you drop by again!
Erica BE


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