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Grant writing Services


At Simply Erica BE, we understand the assignment. Grant Writing Services help the clients we serve, win. Many small businesses and non-profit organizations don’t have a grant writer or fund developer on staff so we do our part to close the gap.


Let us Serve your Business

Grant Writing

Are you thinking about writing a grant?

Let us write your entire request top to bottom or let us work on certain sections. We can totally navigate completing the application or letters of intent. We have no problem helping you pull it all together.  

Grant Research

Some businesses aren’t even sure what, if any grants are out there that could be beneficial to the structure of their organization.

We know this takes lots of time, lots of analyzing and may not be the best use of your time as an executive leader. So why not just pass that research over to us and we will see if we find any warm leads and develop a plan of action.

Report Writing

Were you awarded a grant? Did we help you write it or someone else?

If you were awarded the funds and now it’s time to share how you utilized the funds. We can help you capture the details to write a compelling report to provide the funders.

Draft Review

Have you already started on the grant proposal?

Do you need a second set of eyes to help it all make sense? Well, we definitely can jump in and review your draft, make recommendations, or even revise it before submission.

How it works

Let’s Discuss the Process


The first step in partnering with Simply Erica BE, is scheduling a connection call.


When you schedule your connection call we ask basic intake questions to learn a little more about you as a business.


We determine on that 15 minute call if we are the right company to serve your business needs.


If we are the perfect fit we establish the client relationship and provide you access to our client portal and resources.


We develop the plan and begin the work so you can achieve the results your organization is seeking.


If we are not the perfect fit we can add your business to our list of contacts and refer you to another organization that may better align with your vision.

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