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At Simply Erica BE, we understand what it’s like to be at the top of the leadership ladder and need more support. We know consumers don’t always understand the amount of work put in to make your internal processes run smoothly. That’s why we created the Executive Leadership Pathway to success.

Let Us Serve Your Leadership Team

┬áIn the Executive Leadership Pathway to success we partner with Adminstrators, Principals, CEOs, Executive Directors or Board Directors to help them shape the internal workings of their perspective organizations. Many times the assumption is these Executives have reached a place they no longer need unbiased collaboration or support to implement new policy and procedures. They may struggle to create new strategies, develop new client relationships, or flush current ideas, that may just need fine tuning. We also understand what it’s like to work with smaller budgets, which create constraints for what is possible. So we decided to close the gaps and provide an opportunity to support these Leaders through consultative services, advising, facilitation of meetings or seminars, or basic business planning and development. We seek to be an extension of your organization and help you build capacity.


Let Us Serve your Leadership Team

Let’s create a package that helps you grow and build capacity. We can determine if you need 6 weeks or 6 months of consistent support.

How it works

Let’s Discuss the Process


The first step in partnering with Simply Erica BE, is scheduling a connection call.


When you schedule your connection call we ask basic intake questions to learn a little more about you as a business.


We determine on that 15 minute call if we are the right company to serve your business needs.


If we are the perfect fit we establish the client relationship and provide you access to our client portal and resources.


We develop the plan and begin the work so you can achieve the results your organization is seeking.


If we are not the perfect fit we can add your business to our list of contacts and refer you to another organization that may better align with your vision.

Let’s Connect

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